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Website design

Website design Johannesburg

If you are looking for website design you have come to the right place. We have done web design for small businesses, web design for large businesses, custom web design and affordable website design.

Web design can take on many formats, but we mainly focus on WordPress web design. This enables our customers' website to be updated easily, and aligned with industry standards.

Web design needs to be mobile friendly. Mobile friendly websites are the most sought after web design requests, especially as South Africans are searching for services, and doing research more frequently on mobile phones.

The most important factors to consider during web design are:

  • Mobile friendly web design
  • Social media integration in web design
  • Hosting of your web design
  • The right price for your web design needs
  • Website design that speaks to your customers
  • Website design that allows for your business to come up in relevant searches on search engines
  • Website designers that understand you market

If you are unsure of what your web design requirements are, give us a call and we can talk you through it.

Why do you need a website?

What is Website Development?

Website development is easily put, the development, design and setup of a website. Websites are hosted on a URL (the name of your website). For small and medium businesses who would like to update their websites in house, or pay a small fee to ensure their website is always fresh and relevant, we advise setting up your website in WordPress.

What is the purpose of a website?

Firstly, a website allows people, your customers, to find you on search engines. Have you ever looked for a service and a product online, and found the best solution on the first page of Google? A well optimised website does just that for your business, putting it directly in front of your target market when they search for your product or survive.

How important is a website?

A website is the home of any digital marketing efforts. All social media, newsletters, searches and online articles should lead back to your website to allow your customers to find the information they need to about your product or services.

Why should a website be mobile responsive?

Absolutely! Did you know there are currently 28.6 million active internet users in South Africa? The average South African spends just over 3 hours on their phones each day, with 73% of active internet users accessing the internet every day. If you are not online with a well crafted mobile responsive website, your brand and product may be getting lost.

What is SEO?

In website development, SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation, and quite simply optimises your website to be found on search engines. Keywords, strategically well written copy, headings, titles and many other elements are used to ensure that search results on a search engine brings the most relevant websites back for the user.

Do I need hosting for my website?

Yes, every website needs hosting. You can either get hosting from a third party, or we can help you set it up for your website. Some hosting companies charge you either monthly or quarterly. Our pricing is structured for a year, and is registered in your name. That way you own your business online, and nobody else does.

Do you setup eCommerce websites?

Yep! We definitely do Web. If you would like a more specific package, or perhaps an ecommerce site, please feel free to contact us.