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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become more important than ever. There are more than 14 million South Africans on Facebook, and it is quickly becoming a search engine for services and brands.

We create social media content, manage social media campaigns and assist with social media strategy for companies, small or big.


Social Media Marketing Carter and Prince

Content and Social media marketing?

Some of the most frequently asked questions

What is content?

Content is simply anything you put on social media. With that, we are not saying that you can put just anything on your social media platforms and pages. We urge you to always put well crafted content pieces that drive the purpose of your page through its communication and efforts. The best kind of content is always user generated content - when users write, take photos, or create videos of your brand. Other users view this as more believable, thus always better to inspire positive user generated content, instead of complaints.

What are the different content types?

Social media content can take up many formats including images, videos, written text pieces, blog articles, animated gifs, livestreams, infographics and even podcasts. There are so many content types out there, you have to analyse what will work best for your product or service to reach the most people, and in turn get good engagement to build a loyal following of engaged users.

Do I really need to post every day on my social platforms?

The answer can never be yes, or no. It depends from brand to brand, product to product or service to service. It depends if you are just starting out, or if you already have an engaged following. We always recommend that a good engagement rate on Facebook is around 7% - that means that 7% of your audience should be engaging with your post. Sometimes you would only need 3 posts a week. Some brands require 3 posts a day. It all comes down to the stats at the end of the month.

Is video really that important?

Yes! We are seeing a massive transition to video content, and as data is becoming more accessible, we are seeing more and more people consuming video at a massive rate. Did you know people are now starting to watch videos without sound? Very interesting behaviour there. And no, you do not need a YouTube channel to load video on your social platforms, in act video performs better when loaded onto each platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram individually.

Can I expect results in a month?

You will start seeing results almost immediately, but you need to take a minimum of three month approach to measure and analyse if what you are posting is resonating with your audience. Remember Social Media Content is not created to make a brand manager or business manager feel good - it is created to engage an audience, and thus requires continuous assessment, analysis and reporting to ensure the content gives the target market what they need.

Do I need to promote content?

You do need to promote social media content? Always. Strategically. We're not saying spend thousands -w e're saying get your social media content in front of the audience that needs to see it. Social platforms are businesses too, and work on algorithms. Algorithms are put in place to ensure proper distribution of content in newsfeeds, timelines and tickers. If you are starting out, we definitely urge you to promote your content on the social platform, to a targeted audience to get your page engagement going, and drive more fans or followers. No one can see your content outside of your Facebook page, and without the use of relevant hashtags, Instagram and twitter will also yield little to no result unless promoted. Please, do not boost content. This wastes money, and doesn't deliver optimal results. Content should be promoted from the various social ad platforms.