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What is digital strategy

When you take it down to its core, a strategy always has a long term goal associated with it. There is nothing different to that goal timeline when it comes to digital marketing.

strategy definition

A digital plan of action rarely works with just one element driving your marketing efforts. let’s take an example.

If you are only posting updates on your Facebook page about your product or service, without getting a good reach (reaching new people), it is very likely that you are missing a lot of customers in your communications efforts. Using other means of communication or promotion will enable you to communicate with a far wider target market, and drive home a communication plan that:

  1. Communicates your message
  2. Grabs the attention of your target market
  3. Brings in new customers.

Where are you currently with your digital marketing strategy?

It is worthwhile to note that your current strategic position defines where you should be going next, and is a key role player in digital transformation for any business or brand. Remember, the recipe is not the same for each business, as different platforms and digital marketing elements offer different features, uses, and results based on the goals that are set.

Digital Strategy stages

Most companies today, even if they have a Facebook page, a website, a YouTube channel, or a few other digital marketing platforms enabled, are still sitting at the initial stage of strategy. Even though they have all these channels, they are not sure how to fully utilise them to their best potential. Marketing efforts in this stage is usually put together when and where it is needed without a pure purpose, goal, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or strategy attached to these efforts.

The first step o understanding which digital marketing elements would be needed going forward, is prioritise marketing activities, and set goals of what should be achieved.

This sets you up to define your marketing (and digital marketing) vision, and start working on your strategy.

A strategy must always be aligned to the business strategy, and allow for flexibility of business growth. The main aim of a strategy is to get to a cohesive place that allows for an agile strategic approach that can be managed to serve the various areas within the business.

This is why digital marketing platforms work

  1. They are very flexible
  2. They can be adjusted
  3. They are immediate (not always with results)
  4. They allow for personalisation

Once you understand these required elements, you can have a look at what I like to call, a road map to digital marketing:

The Digital Trifecta

Die Digital Trifecta is comprised out of three mail elements. Paid, Earned and Owned Marketing. Simple, right?

Well yes, it is that simple. Getting these three elements right for your business, is what makes digital marketing work for you, specifically with your goals in mind.

Titan SEO has a more detailed description of it here.

The Digital Trifecta

The most important things to know:

Earned, Owned and Paid media work together

The one cannot work without the other. You can’t have a website, and not have links and content that drive to it from social media, from Google or from paid ads. It is no use having a website that nobody knows about.

There is also not much use of having only a Facebook page with posts on it, if no one can research you outside of Facebook to ensure you or your business is legitimate. Google is also your best friend here, as people do their own research before using a service or buying a product.

Start with your Owned media

The first elements to put in place is always your website (with proper SEO), Google Adwords (if applicable) and one or two social platforms. Don’t set up too many social media platforms right at the beginning. First start what you can manage and what aligns with your goals. You can always grow later.

Paid media is definitely necessary

There is no way you can expect good engagement on social media, or proper traffic to your website without some paid media support.

There are a few easy mistakes to make when it comes to promoting your business via paid promotion online, and no one likes wasting money, especially when you start outline. You want to make a point. You want to get enquiries. You want to drive traffic. That is why you need a professional to assist you.

Boosting a post on Facebook rarely has the desired effect and often leaves the person who boosted it flat without any real results. This goes for Google Adwords too. Both are needed in a successful strategy if you would like to expose your business to your desired target market.

I could go on about this for hours, so if you need more information, feel free to schedule a call or a Skype with me. You can also book a slot in my calendar here.


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