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We do all of the online things

Yep, all of it.

Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Website Optimization
Social Media
Social Media Advertising
Online Competitions
Graphic Design
Video Creation

Websites are the online face of your company. Not only are they the first contact most customers will have with your company, but your website is the silent sales person that sets your business, its products and its services apart from your competitors’.

Is your website doing that? Successfully?

And how would you know, if it isn’t even measured?

We create websites that work, not just for your brand, but for your customers too. A good website design should help users find the information they are looking for easily. Very often a website is less about the business, than it is about answering people’s questions.

Search Engine Optimisation is used by marketers to drive organic traffic to your website through search engines. We help you achieve good rankings on websites through organic means – in other words without advertising.

Our clients mostly request two types of SEO services from us:

  1. Ensure their website is SEO’d with meta details to make sure search engines know what their site is about
  2. Or, create monthly written pieces for their website to help their target market find them on the topics pertaining to their business, services and products.

Website optimisation is not about making sure your site is pretty. It’s about making sure it works, and it all starts with a goal.

Offer services – we make sure your services and route to contact is clear for the customer

Selling products – we make sure the selling, promotion and buying journey is correct

Writing content – we make sure people find your content

Having a promotion – we make sure it is clear from first glance on your website that people know what the promo is.

Forget the pretty pictures – is your website working for you?

We write words. For website. And for social media…and also for articles, blog posts, news pieces, reviews, and just about anything you would need a copywriter for.

Professional copywriting for your business, service or product is extremely important.

We help you put into words how your offering can solve the problems of your customers, efficiently and effectively.

What is social media marketing?
Social media can be grouped into three main goals – getting your brand in front of as many people as possible, OR having as many people comment, like, share or engage in any way with your content, OR, translating any social activity into a sale.

Yes, we set goals. And we achieve them. Do that with your social media, and see your business grow.

Too many brands are settling for mediocre social media. Emphasizing artwork, instead of the goals and the business of social media. Is that you?

Don’t settle. Be better than your competitors, especially in the space where they are targeting your target market.

Call Carter & Prince today for social media marketing.

Carter & Prince focuses on the major social media platforms and specialise in:

Facebook marketing
Instagram marketing
YouTube marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Google+ and Google Business Marketing
Twitter marketing

We measure everything. So closely monitored that we can even tell you what your last customer looked at on your website, and where they clicked.

Does your digital agency do that? And if they do, what have they done with the info for you.

Analysis, measurement and adaptation is the name of the digital game, and if you aren’t in on this game, your business cannot grow at the pace your customers expect.

We have systems in place to help you with:

Measuring website traffic with Google Analytics
Analysing site behaviour through heat maps, user usage videos and user flow.
Social Media Content Performance
Advertising tracking, analysis and reporting
Competitor tracking, which we offer in real time. See who is engaging with your competitors brands on social media, what your c

ompetitors are doing, and how you stack up against them.

We offer project management, strategy and implementation in:

Google Search Advertising
Google Display Network Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Instagram Advertising
Twitter Advertising
YouTube Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising
In App advertising and Gamification

And yes, it is unfortunately very true – you cannot run your social media effectively without budget spend behind the intention of social media. Your budget needs to support your marketing and social media goals.

Need to run a competition on Facebook or on your website? We set them up for you

Limited time/offer giveaways
Collection of information for more info
Display landing pages 
Story contests
Voting contests
Video or story contests
Hashtag contests
Special Holiday Contests

We offer all types of graphic design. From online to print and everything inbetween.

Our graphic design service offering, along with offering video creation for social media, creates a turn key solution for all our clients.

We do all types of video creation – from the smallest logo animation, to how-to tutorial video creation and even animated features.

Need some video for the small screen, let us know!

From our clients

  • We have worked with Maliza at Carter and Prince to deliver a mobile responsive website, to our design requirements that speaks to our brand and delivers on our expectations. We would recommend them for any industry to deliver on needs requested.

    Nico van der Meulen Architects
  • Carter & Prince has surpassed our expectations. Maliza helped us to create a very professional and appealing website and has done a fantastic job! Her professionalism and knowledge is exceptional and timing and quality have met our expectations. Thank you very much Maliza!

    GP Tactical
  • WOW!!!!! You have exceeded my expectations!!! I have never come across a company that is so efficient and proud of what they do! Maliza, you definitely have a winning recipe and surely know how to keep your customers happy! Our company will be 63 years old this year and even though it is a mature company we like to keep up with the latest trends and technology. Thank you for guiding and helping us. We are proud to be associated with your company!

    Die Blou Meul
  • Carter and Prince, helped us conceptualize, develop en build our brand – Metro Urban Valuers. Their CDO is truly a wonderful young lady filled with amazing zest, passion and insight. She has an amazing vision and understands every sphere of the social media and digital marketing space. She was very supportive through the entire process and continues to support us for all brand related issues and challenges we face. I highly recommend Maliza and her team at Carter and Prince, and commend her for her ethics and work etiquette.

    Metro Urban Valuers